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The mission of the United States Virtual Air Force is to provide an organization for virtual pilots to meet in a structured environment to learn and exhibit their skills with other pilots in the virtual combat flight arena. To achieve that mission, the USVAF has a vision that is oriented about four core competencies: Education, Discipline, Dedication and Realism.

Education- Extensive flight training for each member is complimented by conceptual education on flight physics to propagate more well-rounded pilots. Pilots are taught in various capacities to fullfill the many facets involved virtual combat flight and associated communicative knowledge.

Discipline- The USVAF mandates much more discipline than other simulation units. To assert our full capacity in the air, every pilot must discipline their actions as dictated by our regulations and superiors.

Dedication- Every member must EARN the right to be a part of the USVAF. To earn a membership, a person must exhibit that they are serious about not only prolonged participation in flight simulations, but coming together with other pilots to form a cohesive unit of exceptional dedication. Once earned, each member must maintain that membership and exchange benefits with the USVAF.

Realism- Every member must own one of the realistic simulators selected by the USVAF, such as Lock-On: Modern Air Combat, and be trained on maximum realism settings. Procedures, maneuvers and radio terminology are taken from actual references whenever possible. In addition to the flight setting being as realistic as possible, the USVAF attempts to recreate the significance of the chain of command. Rank in the USVAF respresents a members acheivements and contributions to the USVAF as well as their level of responsibility.