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Apply to join us!
493rd VFS 'Grim Reapers'
48th VFW'Liberty Wing'
3rd Virtual Air Force

Abbreviated eligibility requirements for a 493rd Commission to the 493rd are:

1) Not be a member of any other Online Flight Squadron.
2) Own one or more of the official games used by the
squadron. Currently Jane's F/A-18 and
Microprose Falcon 4.0 w/SuperPak3 + FreeFalcon (both patches are free)
3) i.-Download ICQ ( and/or Trillian (
ii.-add ALL squadron members to your contact list.
4) Own a microphone, and download the official in-flight
communication software (
5) Agree to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the Commanding Officer.
Any falsified information will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the squadron.
X Recommended reading: 493rd VFS Rules and Regulations: Section2
Unless otherwise stated, all fields are required information. Failure to fill in pertinent fields may
result in your application being expunged.


Your full name:
Your email address:

Personal informataion:

Occupation: Age:
What would you like your callsign to be?
(please be creative, ie NOT Maverick!
and keep them simple, NOT PapaFox2003)
*Try to think of a one or two syllable
word that is easily spoken.

The following callsigns will not be accepted:

Please enter your complete Postal Address in the box below:
(This will remain member classified.)
Have you been in a squadron previously? Yes
If so, Which one(s) and what program did they use?
(include URL of former squadron if possible.)
What is your ICQ Number?
Which of the following flight simulators do you
currently own or plan to purchase in the near future?
Lock-On: Modern-Air-Combat Strike Fighter: Project One
Jane's F/A-18 Microprose Falcon 4.0
Any others you wanna mention?
What type of Joystick and/or throttle setup do
you own or are planning on aquiring in the near future?
Which best describes your current internet connection speed?
In several short sentences, describe your online
flight experience and areas of expertise.
(i.e. Instructor Pilot,web designer, programmer, ect)
In several short sentences, describe your knowledge
of aircraft avionics, performance, and general
aircraft identification abilities.
Any questions, comments, or concerns?
Were you recruited by anyone, if so, who?
Have you flown with any squadron members before?
Approximately how many hours do you
expect to be online each week? Did we miss anything?
By submitting to this form, you have agreed to all the Rules and Regulations set forth
and understand those implications. Also, submitting this application you are only notifying
the 493rd Staff of your intentions. Before you are officially granted a commission, you
must fly with at least one member and have their approval. (This flight is often setup the
day after this form is submited.)