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Reaper Report: December 1, 2002

Date Filed: 12/01/2002
Callsign: Sparky
A/A Missile kills: 4
A/A Gun kills: 1
A/G Missile kills: 0
A-G Unguided Bomb Kills 0
A-G Guided Bomb Kills 0
A-G Gun Kills 0
Type of Mission 2v1
Flight Hours 1.5
Mid-Air Refueling 0
Airfield Landing 4
Off-Field Landing 0
Carrier Trap 0
Flight Report: 1)FUD, Hunter and Sparky
2) 2v1 engagemant using JF-18
3)1.5 flight hours
4)just got back in the ol' saddle
5)we were all rather rusty, the initial merge was a blood bath.
After several engagements we usually survived the merge,
and ended up in a stalemate fight.
"96th_Guns" mission is definately too close for useful missile
engagements: it offers no time to set up a tactic.

overall, not a bad flight. Certainly better than doing homework ;-P