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Reaper Report: December 8, 2002

Date Filed: 12/08/2002
Callsign: Sparky
A/A Missile kills: 5
A/A Gun kills: 2
A/G Missile kills: 0
A-G Unguided Bomb Kills 0
A-G Guided Bomb Kills 0
A-G Gun Kills 0
Type of Mission 1v1
Flight Hours 1.1
Mid-Air Refueling 0
Airfield Landing 2
Off-Field Landing 0
Carrier Trap 0
Flight Report: 1)SLasher(attempted to recruit, but he is a (and I quote) 'loner')
2) Slasher was my intended target, but definitely my biggest threat
3)Flt Time ~1.1
5)Attempted several:

a) climbing at Va speed then firing one or two AIM-9L at him.
Upon release of second missile, I initiated evasive action, and
preceded with setup.

b) buster(spd) to the merge, then fire several missiles as I zoom
climb above him, to engage in an energy fight.

Comments: excellent flight, very evenly matched. Slasher flew
with the tenacity of Wolf in a guns fight. Fortunatly, with sparky's
new rudder pedals, jinking is much more effective! He did get off
some spectacular high-deflection shots!(and a mid-air!..haha)-gives
new meaning to "zero in for the kill"