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Reaper Report: May 23, 2003

Date Filed: 05/23/2003
Callsign: Hunter
A/A Missile kills: 0
A/A Gun kills: 1
A-G Unguided Bomb Kills 0
A-G Guided Bomb Kills 0
A-G Gun Kills 0
Type of Mission FFA
Flight Hours 1.5
Successful Mid-Air Refueling 0
Successful Airfield Landing 2
Successful Off-Field Landing 0
Successful Carrier Trap 0
Flight Report: 1)531_smitty and 96th seamaster
4)basically hi yoyo
5)none This was a free for all and we were busy around like little bees.I
managed to get into firing postion behind one of then and let him have it.