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Our History!

History and Information of the Virtual


48th Virtual Fighter Wing

Current Units Within the Virtual 48th Fighter Wing:
  • 493rd VFS 'Grim Reapers'

Facts About the 48th Virtual Fighter Wing

Mission StatementTo maintain Superiority over all adversaries by training people to perform at the highest levels of combat agility, precision and teamwork.

TechnologyVirtual 48th FW members are on the edge of new technology, flying the hottest realistic combat flight simulator in the market. They fly among the best, with the best and for the best.

Mission – The Virtual 48th has yet to take part in a large scale virtual operation. However, most of the 48th missions are small scale engagements.

Teamwork – The 48th Fighter Wing’s team is the key to all operations. The aircrews are highly trained and capable of performing a variety of tasks by being a very tight knit group of individuals.

History of the Virtual 48th Fighter Wing

The 493rd VFS was commissioned on the 4th of July, 2002. Along with the 493rd VFS was the 48th VFW. There is currently no need for any seperation of control between the 493rd VFS and the 48th VFW as they are one and the same with no other squadron.
If you would like to become part of the 48th Virttual Fighter Wing, contact one of the following:
Alex 'Wolfman' Nenadic at
Scott 'Sparky' Dorsett at
493rd VFS 'Grim Reapers' at