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Welcome to the

493rd VFS 'Grim Reapers' Website

The 493rd Virtual Fighter Squadron(VFS) was commissioned July 4th, 2002.
The squadron is commanded by Alexander 'Wolfman' Nenadic
and his Executive Officer Vladimir 'FUD' Macan.

To navigate, you should be able to see 'Navigation' on the left side of this screen. There should be a menu bar that slides into view when you move your cursor over it.
This bar should be present at any 493rd VFS area site, and allow you to navigate through our site.
However, some browsers seem to be incompatible and there is an
ALTERNATE Navigation Page.
The Alternate page has the same options, only they are fixed in the left side of the screen.
If there are any questions, comments or other problems, please send a message to: